D-Upside – Kaiak

Exequiel Rivadera Claudio, aka ‘D-Upside’ is a 24 year old producer located somewhere in the city of La Rioja, Argentina. He has been producing music for eight years and he has played in almost every club of his region. His tracks were supported by big DJs such as Pete Tong, R3hab, Ralvero, The Chemical Brothers, Antonio Giacca, Borgeous, Zack Edward, TJR, Flatland Funk, George Acosta and they were played in BBC Radio 1, Digitally Imported Radio etc. Today he continues to produce and learn every day, and he is working on a lot of projects that are getting released soon. D-Upside was one of the main DJs and producers of the official track of a big party in Tinogasta-Catamarca (Argentina).

D-Upside debuts on Club Restricted Records with a massive, festival EDM song.
Supported by: IvaN&RubN, PDGFM Gold, V FM 91.1, Saveland, FREAKJ, STAR FM 88.8 – RADIOSTATION, Andrea Mazza , Talent Stage and many more! Go get you copy!

Get it now on Beatport!

Demos: clubrestricted@gmail.com

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