Holden McCoy ft Natalie Major – Open Eyes

Holden McCoy started playing piano at the age of 5 and soon after transitioned to guitar. In the early 2000’s he was exposed to the advent of technology on music, in the form of a guitar loop pedal where he could compose and perform all aspects his own tracks. Throughout college and after he found passion in producing and DJ-ing. Holden has yet to be contained to a genre and is inspired by the ever chasing landscape of electronic music. Major influences include: Kaskade, Disclosure, Porter Robinson & EDX. Open Eyes is one of our hottest releases so far. Laden with punching bassline, a melodic breakdown and a huge energy all interwoven with Natalie Major’s soothing vocal, Open Eyes explores the sunshine, feel-good vibes of the summer. Open eyes has currently over 20k plays on Soundcloud

Played on: Envision Recordings radio show, Dancing in my house – The power of the music, Fire On Ice Radio Show (Dim Loud), Midnight Sessions Podcast played on DrybyFM – 89,6 FM
Featured on: EDMJoy.com, Electro WOW, DailyDoseOfBass.com, Dancing in my house – The power of the music
Supported by: Luciano Netto, Sunday Lovers, DJ BETO DIAS, Phil.Maher, Arviebeats Records, Love To Music, THE NOISE, Dj Paula Vélez, De Vuignek, Supermarket Records, Andrea Mazza, Clubstitute, SoundFausto, Defmovement, Audiopirate, Marco Colado, Hit Clubbin, Exia Recordings, dj silence holland, DjSteliosc, BootyBusters, Dj Bruno Kauffmann, B.T.B. Blue Tone Boy and many others!


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