Ships in the Night – Myriologues

With ethereal vocals floating effortlessly over electronic waves of synth and drum machines , Ships in The Night is atmospheric, haunting and electrifying…


Ships In The Night is songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Alethea Leventhal. Known for her electrifying mix of haunting, dark electronic and ethereal, ambient lullabies, Ships In The Night’s magnetic sound pulls from dreams, memories and echoes from the outer world to paint an atmospheric landscape with sweeping waves of synths and kinetic beats.
Ships In The Night’s latest album, Myriologues, (defined as “an improvised funeral song, sung by a woman on the death of a friend”) received international attention as “celestial dream-pop,” and “atmospheric darkwave” and sent Leventhal on a European tour in the summer of 2017. Myriologues was a full-length follow-up to 2015’s self-titled EP and 2016’s split, Wire & Light.
Ships In The Night has been linked with the genres of witch house, synthwave and dream pop. She sites the soundtrack of Twin Peaks, Kate Bush, and 80s acts like Depeche Mode as influences on her sound and performance.
“True to its name, Ships in the Night makes music best heard after midnight. Meditative and carefully paced, Charlottesville-based Alethea Leventhal’s sky is filled with Mazzy Stars viewed from Brian Eno’s music for airports. The subtle lilting beauties of “Winter to Come” and “Piece by Piece” from its debut, self-titled EP, feature Leventhal’s breathy contemplations over washes of keyboard, synth and drum machine arrangements.” -Style Weekly
“Ships In the Night doesn’t only wear her heart on her sleeve… she inflates it to near bursting and waves it from a flag pole. She wants you to hear her darkness, and it’s clear from the first instant.” -Indie Berlin

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