Unibass – Lose Your Mind

Unibass is a tech house producer from India with an impressive discography, international dj, radio support
and blog coverage.

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Releases (2017)

  1. EP “Out Phase” on Cadillac Records (Italy)
  2. EP “Game” on Housepital Records (Netherlands)
  3. Single “Sector Drive” on Housepital Records (Netherlands)

Studio Releases / Independent Singles (2018)

  1. Supercry
  2. Take Me Away
  3. Candy Cane
  4. Lose Your Mind
  5. Wait For Me

International Collaborations (2018)

  1. Worth ft. Mercy Howls
  2. Believe Me ft. Tonka

Social Media support from

  1. Chill Trap
  2. Club Mood Vibes
  3. Future Bass
  4. Deep+Dishy
  5. Melodic Sounds Network
  6. Artist Union
  7. Groove Bassment
  8. Artists Unlimited
  9. Dropthebassline
  10. Groove Cartel
  11. Sweet Musique
  12. The Falling Apple
  13. Soave Radio

Blog Coverage

  1. Tracksfordays
  2. TheGrooveCartel

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