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Kaan Atac is a Dutch music producer and DJ with Turkish roots. Music has always been an important part of his life. When he was just a kid, Hardcore House/ Hard House were very popular. Well-known artists such as DJ Ruffneck, Scooter and the Thunderdome series were big inspirations for him. 
When he opened up his first banking account at the age of fourteen, he received complimentary music producing software, Radio 538 Music Machine. From the moment he tried this software, he knew he was hooked. Kaan was able to create his own music with the use of this software, without any knowledge of producing. Kaan knew then what he wanted in life, to become a music producer and combine the pounding sounds of House with more melodic touches. 
His journey started with building his own studio, which made it possible for Kaan to produce in the comfort of his own home. Influenced by the rap/hip hop scene, Kaan Ataç started producing and rapping at the age of sixteen. He discovered his own unique sound, inspired by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Too Short, and E-40. At that time he didn’t release any of his music, but his love of the genre and his producing skills grew more and more. 
Kaan likes mixing traditional sounds with more modern tunes. Kaan Ataç is always experimenting with different genres of music to lift his own sound to an even higher level. He wants to maintain his own, distinctive style. By 2018, Kaan started off producing Electronic Dance Music. All the hard work is finally paying off, on November 1st 2018 his first single is releasing: Kaan Ataç – Gametime.

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