ThinkAIR – Thank God Its Friday

THINKAIR ALOHAN first song from the much anticipated 2019 Hybrid Album is Uplifting, beautifully crafted and influential. It is a song that captivates your body, soul and encompasses the uplifting of Faith in yourself. 

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THINKAIR ALOHAN articulates a powerful message with his blissful singing voice throughout this track. The track has already attracted over 40k listeners in soundcloud within one week of the release.  Also working as a full time subsea engineer, the Norway based artist explores the song like a chapter, motivating, uplifting you and sometimes comforting you and challenging you to ‘live your life today and be glad, satisfied and happy now. Never mind the things which are past, do not hunt for the things which are lost, and do not waste your time over lost opportunities. Now, let the music play on. Enjoy the song ‘THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY’.

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