Yago Luna – Input

“Spanish producer Yago Luna brings to us his new EP, Gemini. The track Input is a TECHNO-house, with emphasis on the Techno. Energetic with a crushing kick and a set of vocals and melodies that make for a very suspenseful drop. Let U Go is a fun and naughty Tech-House track with a grooving bass leading the way. With vocals, synths, percussions and just the right amount of acid to make you reminisce of Detroit.”

Follow Yago Luna

Yago Luna is an up-and-coming artist based in Ibiza. Born in Spain, raised in the Dominican Republic, and formed in New York City. This blend of cultures has shaped a unique style that sends body-shaking waves through the dance floor. Through his 10-year visual arts career, Yago has used his artwork to introduce himself to the electronic music scene, as the Creative Director for Dirtybird, Kittball, and Endangered Records. Yago enters the waters of the music production scene with an energetic release on Kittball Records. Expect to hear much more from this young artist.

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