Hendo – Tabula Rasa EP

About The EP 

HENDO is back again with a new project that is going to make the heads of electronic  music aficionados turn to. “Tabula Rasa” is the newest EP by the up-and-coming  artist. The 6-track EP will take the listener into a journey. With a range of vocal  atmospheres/chops and mesmerizing arps, Tabula Rasa has every element to be  able to resonate with the listener. The intriquete details in the synths, percussion, and  chord progressions showcase HENDO’s music producing talents. Filled with big synths  and driving drums, the unique EP delivers a fresh taste of new music that stands in its  own lane. Each track tells its own story and is different from the last, yet it all ties  together.  

About HENDO 

Hailing from Purdy, Missouri, HENDO is an up-and-coming electronic artist ready to  take the music scene by storm. With an experimental and unique sound, HENDO is an  artist that keeps giving. His unique and experimental sound gives a nostalgic feel to  the listener. Moreover, through his music, he tries to connect people in a special way  that they haven’t connected before. Through the love of the music, HENDO believes  that it is essential to bring people together who are passionate about the same art.  HENDO puruses to find a new unique sound for every record he puts out. His steady  growth is the result of being an artist that thinks outside the box. Undoubtedly, he is  an artist to keep an eye on as he continues to prove his talent with every record he  makes.    

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