Luca Draccar – NOORDINARY

All great civilizations are mestizos, from purity only sterility is born.
Without the crossing of several ethnic groups, there would be no conditions for real evolution. NOORDINARY plunges into the depth of this melting pot. Vertiginous driven fast, switching between techno disco break and hypnotic synthwave. Hot speed riding groove and punching tropically atmospheres, from treaded beat chained to burning distortions.
A cutting-edge slicing of warehouse elements in audio glamour maximalism. Avantgarde dancehall.

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Luca Draccar is a Berlin based with Italian roots, mainly devoted to shining techno and dark exotic rhythms. Dashed phrases and synthetic loop sequencing are blend like a psychedelic cocktail on deep flavour.
Slamming boiling sounds bend electronic minimal triggering style, with a intricately programmed basses. Futuristic sticky gum’s tendencies.
Hot, cold. Glitch, glam. Wet.

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