Lodato & PollyAnna – Sober

Lodato teams up with Dutch songstress PollyAnna for the funky collab ‘Sober’ next on Enhanced Recordings!

DJ/Producer Lodato strikes dance pop gold with a bouncy bassline and precision-carved vocal chops, both supplanted by an entrancing vocal delivery from vocalist PollyAnna.

‘Dance until it’s over’, but we hope it never ends. ‘Sober’ is here!

I wanted to find the contrast between an uplifting song that you cant help but dance to, while not shying away from expressing darker feelings. I think music is an amazing thing to help you process whatever you are going through. I hope this song does just that for everyone out there that needs to hear it. – Lodato

I wanted to write a song about all the things you do when your heart aches and you’re trying to feel normal again. we’ve all been there.. going out drinking & dancing just trying to forget. Its bittersweet. – PollyAnna

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