About Us

Club Restricted Promo is a topnotch and influential promotional service for record labels, artists, music producers, and music industry experts who are fully conversant with the importance of radio plugging and taste-maker promotions. With our music professionals who have many years of experience in music production and promotion, we treat our customers’ music with the highest level of importance

When releasing a new song, it is very important to get the attention of the right audience so to make them aware of your new release. Luckily, that’s why we are here; Club Restricted Promo makes sure your music gets to the right audience, and we do this by promoting songs through DJs, public radio stations and blogs.

If your music is gradually going under the dust, we can assist you to make sure your music is given the best of the best chance of going platinum. Our promotional strategies have been designed and modified to get the attention of the world’s most famous radio stations, venues, and DJs.


For a release to get to the international level, it needs to have a place in the playlists of all influential DJs around the world. Who you are or the record label you belong to doesn’t matter; all that matters is who supports your music, as this is what the electronic music world care about. All radio stations and DJs are already aware of the fact that most electronic music sales are made from their track lists, so if your music isn’t played by topnotch DJs around the world, then you are on the losing side. 

At Club Restricted Promo, we provide our customers with all the great music opportunities. Whether you want the world to hear your new release through the biggest DJs around the world or a popular radio station – we can make all that happen.

We offer multi-faceted support by promoting your music to a wide number of DJs’ databases. We target the appropriate audience for your music, and also provide supportive and friendly customer care.


At Club Restricted Promo, we work to meet your various needs as a growing label or artist. We have a friendly relationship with so many influential DJs from all across the world, and we know just when and what they play. By aiming at the right listeners, with the right songs and at the correct time, your new music will get to any international DJ you have in mind.

We are always here for you, and we are always ready to promote music of all genres, to help your productions get to the ears of the right audience.