Dante – From Mexico To Tokyo

Formerly known as DIABLO, US native DANTÉ has been working very hard in the studio to improve on his production skills and get the creativity flowing. Releasing tons of remixes and mashups every month since the start of the year, DANTÉ has been showing off his production skills on his Soundcloud page while also gaining some followers along the way. DANTÉ says he is ready to take it to the next level in the new year with tons of new stuff coming.

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Mama Cleo – Shop

Mama Cleo – Shop

SHOP is an electro-funk song about having a shopping addiction! This is the perfect song to play on the dance floor,in stores, or while you’re getting ready to go out and have some fun.Put your heels on, get your cards out, and be ready to dance with the best of them. If this fresh Popsong is not on your playlist yet, than please take it in consideration.

Mama Cleo is an LA-based eccentric electro-pop-funk artist who writes and producesmagnetic songs about unique subjects. She explores the phenomenas of bipolar disorder and the coming of age of adolescentsin her current and upcoming music. Mama Cleo is on a mission to make the world dance, question and change culture,and encourage her â??babiesâ? to become the weirdest and best versions of themselves.

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Ursen – Missing Feat. Kyann Sings

This is a cover of the hit 90s band Everything But The Girl – Missing, a 
very successful song that held the highest scores in the top hit parades.
This cover was created by musician Ursen from Ukraine in
collaboration with American singer Kyann Sings.

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Ships in the Night – Myriologues

With ethereal vocals floating effortlessly over electronic waves of synth and drum machines , Ships in The Night is atmospheric, haunting and electrifying…

Ships In The Night is songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Alethea Leventhal. Known for her electrifying mix of haunting, dark electronic and ethereal, ambient lullabies, Ships In The Night’s magnetic sound pulls from dreams, memories and echoes from the outer world to paint an atmospheric landscape with sweeping waves of synths and kinetic beats.
Ships In The Night’s latest album, Myriologues, (defined as “an improvised funeral song, sung by a woman on the death of a friend”) received international attention as “celestial dream-pop,” and “atmospheric darkwave” and sent Leventhal on a European tour in the summer of 2017. Myriologues was a full-length follow-up to 2015’s self-titled EP and 2016’s split, Wire & Light.
Ships In The Night has been linked with the genres of witch house, synthwave and dream pop. She sites the soundtrack of Twin Peaks, Kate Bush, and 80s acts like Depeche Mode as influences on her sound and performance.
“True to its name, Ships in the Night makes music best heard after midnight. Meditative and carefully paced, Charlottesville-based Alethea Leventhal’s sky is filled with Mazzy Stars viewed from Brian Eno’s music for airports. The subtle lilting beauties of “Winter to Come” and “Piece by Piece” from its debut, self-titled EP, feature Leventhal’s breathy contemplations over washes of keyboard, synth and drum machine arrangements.” -Style Weekly
“Ships In the Night doesn’t only wear her heart on her sleeve… she inflates it to near bursting and waves it from a flag pole. She wants you to hear her darkness, and it’s clear from the first instant.” -Indie Berlin

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Strong A.R.M. – “STRONGULATION 2”(Da EDM Remixes)

STRONG A.R.M. is the name that describes the 6’2″, 200 plus pound Brooklyn native who is definitely taking on ALL HATERS! It’s a perfect description of his overall attitude. This is one artist that believes anything goes when it comes to his music. He did not choose to do hardcore hip hop, hardcore hip hop chose him! It allows him to say what the hell he wants. Bringing it straight to the front line so your attention is caught and kept.Don’t get STRONG A.R.M. wrong though, that is just one area of hip hop he is good at, he is versatile in all other areas as well.
STRONG A.R.M. is coming straight out of Brownsville,Brooklyn NYC! He has been going at it for years now, and he is not about to let anyone from his past, present, or future get in his way! He is self-motivated, and determined to continue until he accomplishes his dream. He has spent his entire career learning the business and perfecting his skills as an artist, writer, and producer.
After the “SUCCESS” of Strong A.R.M.’s debut project “THAT’S GANGSTA” which brought Strong A.R.M. not ONE but TWO #1’s on Starfleet Record Pool (#1 on the Indie Urban/Hip Hop/Latin Chart) & (#1 on the Urban/Hip Hop Chart), not to mention GREAT chart positions on the “Dance” and “Crossover” charts as well, and over 2,000,000 POSITIVE VOTES! Strong A.R.M. comes back at you with the next song on the same project entitled “BET’CHA DIDN’T KNOW” featuring Warren J. Gallimore. This song is a BLAST FROM THE PAST taking lyrics from the original “STRONGULATION” album and remixing it with a CRAZY HOT electronic dance tune which is what the final outcome will be for Strong A.R.M.’s NEW album entitled “STRONGULATION 2”(Da EDM Remixes)! Check out Strong A.R.M.’s new musical journey on itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, and  other digital music stores AROUND THE WORLD! Also check out STRONGULATION RADIO on JANGO! http://www.jango.com/music/Strongulation. These 2 tracks are heating up the airwaves WORLDWIDE!
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Rudi Simon – Zero Gravity (Nalestar Remix)

Rudi Simon is proudly presenting Nalestar’s remix of his latest single Zero Gravity! Nalestar has recently won Morgan Page’s remix competition. 
Vocals are by the beautiful & talented Nika Turkovic and the lyrics were co-written with Polly Scattergood

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Rudi grew up in Botswana and Cape Town, South Africa, before moving to the UK in 2004. He started producing computer-based music and writing songs as a teenager, but gave up the hobby in favour of a ‘real job’, while continuing to DJ (claim to fame: has played at Fabric and Heaven).
That changed in 2014 when an Ableton course in Hackney led to “Honest About It”, a jazzy, down-tempo vocal house track featuring US vocalist Porter Shields and Jack Painter (who subsequently rose to fame as Captain Ska with the Theresa May protest song ‘Liar Liar’) on trumpet. The release made it onto radio in the UK and was followed up by “Slipping Away”, a duet featuring Vince Freeman (The Voice, Season 1) and Nika Syva. Rudi’s bootleg remix of the Jess Glynne/Tinie Tempa track “Not Letting Go” found viral success on Soundcloud, racking up almost 300k plays to date. Rudi also makes his own music videos; the videos for “Just” (a remix of an acoustic pop track) and “Zero Gravity” can be found on his website optimacy.co.uk.

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Alex Iva – Tell Me

With more than a decade worth of experience and garnered talents, Alex Iva has paved a path of success tailored for worldwide recognition. His extensive knowledge of the industry and touring has allowed him to perform on tours throughout Europe, including Milan, Paris, Ibiza, Berlin, Barcelona, Moscow and more. Iva now teams up with Galagas for a warm, inviting and summer hit called ‘Tell Me’.
Iva and Galagas begin ‘Tell Me’ with charming and powerful piano chords. It quickly moves into a fast paced drum and bass sounding rhythm with inviting vocals. The transition into the drop incites silence, an equally as powerful element within music. When the drop hits, its filled with Don Diablo sounding elements, including the stabbing piano chords and hard hitting percussive elements. Sit back and allow this track to tell you everything.

The music video has already got 300k views on YouTube & it’s supported by many Channels/ TOP DJ’s and Playlisters around the world. It is being played on radios Worldwide and it is now actually promoted on a database of over 500k Radios / DJS / YouTube Channels & Blogs.

Laice – Monster ft Olivia Cella

Boston, MA (May 25th, 2018) – LAICE has released a confident new single, “Monster”. The song, which follows on the heels of her debut single “Independence” and features YouTube sensation Olivia Cella, is an impassioned reclamation of time and energy wasted on a relationship that has gone south. 16-year-old Laice’s self-assured vocal is immediately striking as she flits between graceful runs and chopped vocal hooks, while a rippling mid-tempo track grooves along in the background. “Monster” not only showcases Laice’s versatility as a singer, but also paints a picture of Laice’s departure from a toxic relationship, relaying an inspiring message for young girls.

“This song is about having confidence in yourself,” says Laice. “I wrote ‘Monster’ to help me overcome the feeling of leaving behind a really bad relationship where I was constantly getting hurt, and to encourage other girls to know their worth and stand up for themselves when they are mistreated.”
Raised in Massachusetts, the young artist and songwriter delivers R&B-tinged-Pop music with power and nuance well beyond her years. Laice joins forces on her sophomore single with producer @GrammyDavisJr, whose airy dancehall-infused track complements the force behind Laice’s dynamic delivery. “Monster” simultaneously shows off the strength of Laice’s vocal range and melodic sensibility and reflects the personal strength she imbues into her music in the hopes of positively influencing young women.

From an even younger age, Laice has set out to follow in the footsteps of her female role models in the music world. With her second single, she is well on her way, drawing inspiration from vocal powerhouses like Beyoncé and Sia and crafting songs with soaring hooks that would fit Rihanna. “Monster” is just a glimmer of what the future has in store for this young talent, with more music on the way later this year.